IQC_format (Software)

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Usage of the Program ICQ_format

Current version: 2.1. Please do not use older versions.

To lighten the task of submitting observation we wrote the software ICQ_format.exe. Please download this file and store it in a directory. Beside this there is no further installtion necessary. The program writes the file "ICQ.txt" which resides in the same directory like the program. You can also use the desktop for this.

If you start the program you get the following screen:

When filling these fields please keep in mind:
At March 1st, 2009 , 1830 UT I observed the comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) with my 10x30 pairs of binoculars. I measured the brightness to 5m7 using the Tygho-2-cat. Die coma diameter was determined to 26 arc minutes, the tail was 1.3 degrees long with a position angle of 220. The comet war rather strongly condensed with a not dominating stellar central condensation.


After pressing "Empty file" and "add to file" I found in  "ICQ.txt":

IIIYYYYMnL YYYY MM DD.DD eM mm.m:r AAA.ATF/xxxx  dd.ddnDC  t.tt ANG ICQ XX*OBSxx
   2007N3  2009  3  1.771 S  5.7 TK  5.0B    10  26   s6   1.3  220 ICQ XX*PIL01 

If you have problems with the usage of the program please consult the the german page. It contains a step-by-step explanation whose images you may be able to decifer. You  may write me an email if you need more support.

Uwe Pilz